Frequently Asked Questions 


Are you the Department of Motor Vehicles

EZ Pay Payment Centers is not owned or operated by any government agency, such as the DMV, however we are licensed to perform the registration and title transfer services. We are bonded, insured, and completely confidential as required by the DMV.


What if I already paid the DMV, but needed to get a smog?

No problem, if you have already have gone to DMV, but they didn't complete your transfer due to lack of payment, smog completion, or insufficient documents, than we can complete the transaction as well as deduct the paid amount from any remaining DMV fee total. We will need the "Incomplete application" receipt you had received from DMV to accurately apply your paid amount, however if you do not have this receipt we will have to run a vehicle history report. 


If you want to proceed with a vehicle transaction prior to a smog test, we can process your transaction and provide you a temporary vehicle moving pass allowing you to operate your vehicle for that purpose.  


Do I get tags/plates today?

Yes!, we have tags, license plates, and you would receive your registration card printed on official State of California paper today! (if picked up, otherwise we can mail it to you as soon as possible). Titles are mailed out directly by the DMV and typically take up to 2-3 weeks to receive.


What if I have parking fines that need to be paid?

You can pay your tickets along with your registration fees. You would receive a receipt of payment from the DMV today avoiding any future penalties. 


What transaction do you not conduct for the DMV?

At this time we currently do not process the follow:

  • Drivers licenses (applications, etc)

  • Driver's history reports

  • Lien Sales (You may have received documents that suggest a lien sale, however if the vehicle is paid off or purchasd from an auction, we may be able to process the transaction)

  • We can not take partial payment for fees owed to DMV. All fees and fines must be paid in full.

  • We are limited to conduct registration service for the State of California.

  • Out of State (Non-California) Titles for Motorcycles. However, we can process all other out of state titles for vehicles. 

  • Certain types of trailers are limited, however large trailers over a certain size can be processed. Please contact us for more information. 

If you have any question, please contact us.