Vehicle registration is a type of transaction that deals with a vehicle that is registered to you or someone, whereas you are not transferring owership, but renewing your registration giving the registered owner or someone the ability to function the vehicle under the current registered owners name and information.(i.e. you are the owner and want to pay for registration and receive new tags.)

  • Vehicle registration renewal and stickers

  • Planned non-operation 

  • Replacement stickers/plates/registration card

  • Pay parking violations/fines

  • Change of address

Title transfer is a type of transaction that allows the transfer of ownership out of the current registered owner's name and information to a new person, whereas they will be named the new owner of the vehicle. (i.e. you bought or sold a vehicle and want to transfer ownership.)


Please use this option if you bought a car and want to know how much it will be to register your vehicle.

  • Title transfer 

  • Out of state title

  • Salvage title

  • Titleless transfer 

  • Duplicate title

  • Junk title

  • VIN verification

  • Transfer legal owner